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Can’t choose between the daily tours in the city with professional guides and well-established routes and programs and active pastime somewhere in wild nature? You can pick both! That’s what you can find in Colorado.

You can divide you holidays into two parts: at first spend some time downtown exploring the sights of Denver and then set off to the uninhabited lands near the city. There are many ways to arrange an unforgettable journey both with travel companies and by yourself. Just take your favourite trainers, camera and your friends and discover the whole new range of destinations and activities from art museum excursions to extreme hiking tours.

Denver routes

You may not even imagine, how many different locations you can find in one-hour-drive from Denver.
The lands of picturesque foothills, green forests and valleys, clean lakes and monumental mountains are waiting for you to come see them.

And the first you need to see is something connected with the Rocky Mountain range, that stretches from Canada to the south states of the US, always changing its biotic and climate zones. You can pick a Rocky Mountain National Park tour or Mount Evans Tour – the top destinations our company welcome you to visit. You’ll get a great experience feeling like you’re on top of the world and none of your problems bother you there.

Book the tour

Want to visit the most popular exhibitions, participate in different quests or take a photo form the highest peak of local mountains – just open websites about traveling to Denver and book your next vacation. Explorer Tours provides journeys only to natural landmarks, so look through our Denver tours offers when choosing a trip and decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Everything else is on us!

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