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Spending romantic weekend or a whole week with our loved ones is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves, especially in the current times of anxiety. This is why we want to propose Poland as a destination in the very heart of Europe with good and cheap flight connections, ensuring originality and top-class experience. In the last few years, amazing luxurious hotels and spa centres have been opened in all parts of Poland, making a visit here as relaxing as possible. This is why we want to propose 5 most romantic short break destinations provided to us by ITS DMC Poland, the local renowned travel agency that organises group stays all over Poland.

Top 5 romantic destinations by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Kazimierz Dolny
  2. Sandomierz
  3. Sopot
  4. Zamo
  5. ść
  6. Toru
  7. ń

Kazimierz Dolny

It is the favourite place for romantic getaways of all the citizens of the Polish capital – Warsaw. It is also one of the most bohemian destinations in the country as it is the favourite place of many art schools and universities to organize outdoor painting sessions. This fact only proves the picturesque character of the area. Here couples will find art galleries or art shops at every corner. It is a true wonder that such a small town has about 60 of them. Couples will also appreciate beautiful Vistula river views, walking promenade and the opportunity to take a romantic Vistula cruise. On the other side of the river lovers can also take romantic photo session in Janowiec Castle Ruins or in Kazimierz Dolny Castle Ruins itself. With just about 2-hour drive from Warsaw and Kielce and 1-hour drive from Lublin it is a very popular tourist destination that ITS DMC Poland heartily recommends.


It is probably one of the prettiest, compact small towns in Poland with 900 years tradition. Its compact pedestrian friendly city centre invites all guests for small walks among historical monuments and also the surrounding of the city including Vistula River, Loess Gorges and Pepper Mountains just summons couples to take romantic strolls in the vicinity of Sandomierz. Another great advantage of the area are numerous vineyards that open their gates to tourists. During such visits couples can not only sightsee the romantic plantations, learn more about wine craft but can also taste various wines and local cuisine. Sandomierz is a truly magical small Medieval town with beautiful and unique market square, enchanting small tenement houses, preserved city walls and a multitude of historical monuments. ITS DMC Poland heartily recommends arriving to Cracow Balice Airport and then head straight to this top romantic location.


It is a part of Tri-City agglomeration consisting of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Heading to this romantic tourist destination couples can not only enjoy all the charms of cosy seaside resort but can also enjoy world famous monuments of both Gdańsk and Gdynia if they only wish so. Sopot can boast top class hotels with spa and wellness centres, the longest wooden pier in Europe just perfect for romantic walks both during a day and night and also a pretty resort park stretching along white sand beaches of Sopot sea coast. Sopot is also famous for its cafes, restaurants and clubs that give perfect opportunity for romantic dates. ITS DMC Poland also advices to take a day trip to Malbork Castle enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. There is nothing so romantic as the biggest Medieval brick castle in Europe where a couple can feel like a knight and a damsel in distress just waiting for its saviour.


The town was specifically designed to become a perfect Renaissance city and it survived unchanged to this day. Zamość is often referred to as the “Pearl of Renaissance”, “Padua of the North” or “Town of Arches” especially thanks to the beautiful Old Town designed on a star plan. Zamość Old Town is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List which is the highest distinction that tourist destination can acquire. The compact size, beautiful architecture and numerous tourist attraction make the town a perfect location for a romantic getaway for couples. An additional advantage of this place is the vicinity of Roztocze – a beautiful, wild land with unspoiled nature, dark forests, transparent rivers and unusual architecture characterized by elements of Eastern culture. ITS DMC Poland advises all couples to take 1 day tour from Zamość to magnificent Łańcut Castle which is the most often visited palace museum in Poland. The place is filled with original interior design artefacts, you will be able to feel like a true nobility and a stroll in Łańcut gardens and park will be a perfect location for love confessions.


It is located in central Poland and is famous for its Medieval two towns. Thanks to retaining its Medieval architecture, character and layout the city was enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. Toruń attracts couples with top class hotels, Medieval area of the Old Town, romantic Vistula cruises and mesmerizing history. Among very interesting Toruń attractions are traditional gingerbread workshops where couples can prepare beautiful gingerbread hearts for each other. Toruń also offers a park in the city centre that is also often referred to as the park of lovers. ITS DMC Poland also advises to join Toruń visit with Ciechocinek spa resort just a 30-minutes’ drive from the location. It is full of parks and flower squares and creates an opportunity to see brine graduation towers located in the peaceful part of the town.

Summing up, Poland has many interesting small towns just perfect for couples and lovers. Tourists can easily get there via a good network of airports and local transport. It is the highest time you discovered this central European tourist gem and its romantic getaways. If any of the above locations caught your interest feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland. The professional group coordinators there will happily help you to organise your stay in Poland.


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